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Welcome to SiteRecast

Young Passionated Team of Engineers here to help the business achieve their dream, of building a mobile applications.

Who Are We

We are a young team of passionate engineers helping businesses grow in this digital era.

Our Mission

To make the latest technology accessible at the lowest cost possible without compromising its quality. 

Our Vision

To make our software reach every type of business and making that business reach new heights.


Meet Our creative team!

Our Young passionate Team of Engineers has made dreams come true for many businesses. Our unique design team has made app development much easier, very efficient, and reduced building speed to just 3days.

Our Story

End of June 2021
Finally Done

We along, with our team of 5-members, planned to reduce the time. Our team worked very hard to get the desired goal. It took us almost 8-months to build the app with tons of features, the highest security, ease of use, best user experience at the lowest cost. During which our team has been in a difficult situation, but they never gave up. We are proud of our team. Our team has made a dream come true for many businesses. Businesses who want to automate things, increase their company growth, improve customer experience, do best-in-class marketing, and a lot more.

Oct 2020
Idea Was Born

After successfully selling the website, we found that our technique and features were in demand, after thorough research and speaking with some website owners, we found the gap in the system. Thus SiteRecast was born.

Sept 2020
Successfully Built the Mobile App
Built Mobile App

With basic knowledge in Swift and Java, he was able to successfully build the app for his website. He along, with his friends from Graduation, build the Mobile App. The website was successful, and we sold it to a company.

Mid July 2020
Rejected Many Designs
Tired and Tested

He tried with many other companies and till then had burnt a huge chunk of cash. He was disappointed by this experience. Then he decided to build the mobile app on his own.

Mid June 2020
Performance is Important
Unsatisfied With Performance

Hybrid Apps were the best option for his website. But they lagged in features, and its experience was not great. After a first draft app, Sandeep was unsatisfied with its performance. He immediately stopped the project with that company.

June 2020
Discussion with Mobile App Company
Building a Mobile App

He contacted a mobile development company to get the app. They gave us 2-options one was to build a native mobile app and a hybrid app. To know the differences and their advantages visit our blog. 

March 2020
Started a Website
The Beginning

In the mid of March 2020, Mr. Sandeep started a dating website. He wanted to get a mobile app for that website. For the next few days, he tried free tools its user experience was worst. Then he decided to build a mobile app from an expert.

Our 6-D Process



Discover the problem in the tech field.



Define our goals to solve the problem.



Design a prototype that clearly solves the problem.



Finally, develop the final product that solves all the problems.



Deploy it on real devices to test whether the problem is solved or not.



Deliver it to the customers and thus satisfying them.

Why Choose Us?

There are lot of benefits of choosing us. 

Best in quality design used in developing Android and iOS Applications.

Technical support and dedicated support for submitting applications to the AppStores available 24/7.

While publishing the app to the AppStore there are images required. These images are provided at no extra cost.

Our well qualified support team for technical and submission support. 

Lots of premium features are added to the Application to give the best user experience.

Our experienced professional team with passion in software development have built a lot of software application for many different clients.

Our Work

Milestones achieved by SiteRecast.

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Ongoing Projects
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Do you have any questions?

Have questions related to the product? then chat over WhatsApp with our team to clarify now!

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