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Features included in the Mobile Application

All Features were recorded on real devices. All apps are tested on more than 4 real devices with different screen sizes and operating systems for both Android and iOS.

Native Mobile Apps

All apps are built using native code platforms. Android apps are built in Android Studio & Kotlin language and iOS apps are built in Xcode and Swift programs for building Mobile applications.
1. Great Performance 2. Highly Responsive 3. Crash Free App 4. Regular Updates


There are 2 types of Notifications are integrated into the App. It's very painful to send daily notifications to the customers. We have designed a notification such that without any user interaction, the app will be able to send daily notifications. 1. Local Notification - Automated Notification 2. Push Notification - Custom Notification

App Redirect

Clicked in any links inside the website opens a native app installed on smartphones. For example: when clicked on a phone number inside a website. A phone app is opened with the number ready to dial.
1. Redirect to Maps 2. Phone, Email, Message, etc 3. All Social Media Application.

Responsive Back Button

Responsive is a unique feature that lets the back button display whenever the page is scrolled. So that one can access the menu items from any page. This increases user experience. 1. Very Attractive Design 2. High Responsive.

Connection Checker

Checks internet connectivity on every page before loading the next. If there is an error in the internet connection, apps redirects to the custom no intent page. This is a very important feature as many of the apps crash and shuts when there is an error in the internet connection. 1. Checks Wifi and Mobile Internet Connection. 2. Custom Error Page
3. Crash Free Experience

Bottom Navigation Menu

The bottom navigation menu moves between the most common pages in just one click. This increases user experience and very common in many apps. 1. Up to 5 items can be added 2. Improve User Experience 3. Quick jump between pages6

Gesture Control

A new way to make increase user engagement. Features are becoming popular nowadays we ahem added some and sooner will be adding new gestures soon. 1. Pinch to Zoom to zoom in on the product. 2. Swipe Gesture between pages. ​

Smooth Scrolling

The Scrolling inside the apps give good experience.As many of the app crashes the pages while scrolling make bad expression on the user. 1. Crash Free Experience. 2. Can Remove additional JS from the Page, To make app look more cleaner.

A Lot More

These are some of the major features added to the Mobile Application. We will be soon adding lot more features to the app and will be updated on this page.

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