Are you searching for the advantages and disadvantages of having a mobile app for your business? As a business owner, you should know this before building a mobile app for your business. These are some of the points you should consider before starting to build a mobile application.

In this post, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of building mobile applications for your business and help you decide whether you should build an application or not.

Did you recognize that there are more mobile devices within the world today than the entire number of computers and televisions put together?

Advantages of Mobile Applications

There are a lot of advantages to having a mobile app for your business. We will put honest advantages of having a Mobile App for your businesses.

1. No Waiting Time

Using a mobile application is a lot faster compared to searching/browsing your website on the web. Web browsing on the mobile or the computer involves opening a web browser, remembering and entering the URL, and then waiting till the site is loaded and viewing it. The speed of the entire process depends on the network available in the area. Whenever your customer launches the app it takes a few seconds to load and explore the content.

2. Reminds About Your Business

An app on a smartphone makes your customers remind you about your brand, products, and services every time they unlock the phone. A mobile app is in front of customer’s eyes all the time whenever they open their phones.

3. Keep Your Customer Hooked

Did you know that people spend more time on mobile apps than on websites? Most people carry mobile phones all the time, whether they are on the move, at home, their workplace, at the gym, out shopping, etc. So apps have a better opportunity of engaging customers extremely.

4. Decrease Cost of Marketing

Without an app you would probably market through sending SMS’s, spending more on SEO’s, email marketing channels, SEM’s, etc. Which is a lot more expensive than reaching out to your through push notifications Mobile apps simplify our communications while making it possible for your to reach and message your customers in a safe, instant, and cost-effective manner.

5. More Value to Customers

Thinking about the business without adding customer value, you will not grow in your business. You can provide value to your customers via mobile apps. This value can come from offering the customers a special loyalty bonus or points, a subscriber-only deal, and some such, which will help you keep bringing customers back to you more.

6. Strengthen Your Brand

This is one of the most important things a Mobile App can do to your business. It not only increases brand awareness among consumers but also helps them communicate or interact with your brand. A mobile app lets you show your customers the reason why they should trust you, instead of you just telling them they should.

7. Connect Better with Your Customer

Customer services or interactions are of great value for any business. Mobile apps make user interaction with just one tap. Mobile apps have become the biggest game-changer when it comes to customer services. If a customer or a potential client wants information or any kind of interaction with your app at 5 in the morning, they can do it without having to wait till business hours.

8. High Profits

It is no hidden fact that a mobile app can help you raise customer satisfaction. But it has also been proven that when customer satisfaction is raised, it is often followed by an increase in sales too. As more and more customers find the interactions with your app fruitful and pleasant, the demand for your services and products will increase too. One of the glowing examples here is that of Domino’s Pizza who witnessed a rise of 28% in half pre-tax profits in the UK alone. It is humbling and encouraging to know that 52% of their online orders are completed through a mobile app.

9. Sets You Apart from Crowd

With thousands of businesses vying for attention, what are you doing that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd? A mobile app for your business can accomplish this with ease. It is still rare to use a mobile app for communication and marketing, and the sooner you get into it, the more you stand to gain from it.

10. Increase in Customer Loyalty

How many times does your customer come back to you after they have made their first purchase? This is very important for the growth of your business. Advertising in a crowded space that is constantly bombarding the users with hundreds of thousands of brands and products. A mobile app builds a truthful and honest relationship between your business and customers.

11. Adding Value to Your Website

You might be questioning yourself at this time “With the shoestring budget that I have, should I build an app when I already have a functioning website?” Well, yes you do! The fact is that a mobile app would add further value to your website by creating loyalty among the customers who were probably attracted to your brand by the website. Websites are great at providing information. Mobile apps are however extremely effective in offering two-way communication.

12. Sell Faster

Using the push notification or in-app notification feature, you can prompt your app users and customers to buy products by declaring it a “limited period only” sale or discount coupon that can be redeemed on the app! These promotions invoke a sense of urgency and excitement among customers, encouraging them to make a purchase, helping you sell out the items you do not want to be stuck with.

Though in the past, mobile apps were viewed as fancy tools meant only for the large corporations or businesses of a certain scale, today even the small businesses are building apps for their businesses and improving their customer service while bringing home considerably larger returns on their investment.

Disadvantages of Building a Mobile Application

Every coin has a flip side, this is true even with app development. There might be certain situations that can pose a problem for you if you are planning to build a mobile app for your business. Let us see some of the disadvantages you can come across.

1. Mobile App has Heavy Price Tag Attached to it.

Building a mobile app takes more time and money than developing a website. You might have to go with developing different versions of your app for different OS specially for Android and iOS being absolute necessary ones.

2. Process of Developing a Mobile Application is Very Complicated.

The process of building your own Mobile App is quite complex considering a few crucial decisions that you would have to take. There is a chance you do not have the technical expertise and hiring one can be tough. There are operating systems like iOS & Android to consider and then the hundreds of different kinds of devices available in the market, which make the entire process quite complex.

3. App Publishing Error

Even if you build the app on your own you may face a challenge while publishing it to the App Store and Play Store. You may need support while publishing the app to app stores. If you hire an agency that may recommend some youtube tutorials, without development knowledge you may waste a lot of time in publishing.

4. Online App Building Software

There are only a few good tools to build your app online. But most of the tools pretend to build your app, but these apps are of no use. These apps may be rejected by the App Stores because of poor coding. You know that both Android and iOS update their OS versions every few months. The online coding platforms use the same code for years. They build apps with poor codes and this causes rejection of apps. One of the main disadvantages of these platforms is once you stop paying your subscription then your app stops working.

5. Extra Charges for Publishing Assets

You should know that few images are required while publishing the app. You have to spend some extra amount of money to get the required images while publishing the apps in App Stores. These come with extra charges, thus it increases the amount of app development further.

6. Continues Updating

Technology is growing at a lightning speed. New features are included in every update. Your app should also be updated regularly with optimized coding and some new features. This feature is lagged by many app developing companies and online software which nobody speaks about. This affects user experience and causes decreased sales. Due to not performing a mobile app, you may lose a potential customer.

What is the Solution to the Mentioned Problems?

Before starting to build your app, be aware of the problem you will face. And dare to solve it

If you are using online software make sure they have a good reputation and glance at how many apps they have published and not on how many apps have they built.

If you are a big organization they hire a software development team to build and maintain your app with regular updates.

If you cannot afford to spend huge money but want to have a mobile app then you have to choose unique methods to build your mobile application. Some companies build a mobile

If you are a big organization they hire a software development team to build and maintain your app with regular updates.

If you cannot afford to spend huge money but want to have a mobile app then you have to choose unique methods to build your mobile application. Some companies build mobile applications with websites. This is another topic altogether. SiteRecast is one such company that helps you build a mobile application with lots of advantages, SiteRecast – A software company that makes disadvantages to advantages to the businesses.

SiteRecast builds a mobile application with your website and adds a lot of additional features to it.

  1. Price is extremely reasonable
  2. Superfast Build Time.
  3. Publishing Support
  4. Built using Native code.
  5. Free Publishing Images
  6. Free Regular Updates with new features.
  7.  and Lot more


There are always pros and cons to anything But we see there are more pros compared to cons while building Mobile applications Technology is improving every day. It’s good to move along with the changing technology before the competition hits you. If you fail to move along you are going to get absolute and wiped out sooner than you think. Go along with the technology and build your app today and see your business grow.

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